About the Founders: Don and Amy Kryak 
Don and Amy Kryak are the co-founders responsible for the public safety campaign Never Leave a Child Unattended ©. 
Now in its 12th year, the Never Leave A Child Unattended ® Public information safety campaign was created by the Port St. Lucie, Florida couple following a tragic summer where three local children drowned. The Kryak’s were quick to recognize that the three  drownings  were  a  direct result of  the children not being supervised. (In Florida, drowning is the number one killer of children ages four and under.) 
Their message seeks to educate parents and caregivers that there is no substitution for supervision. Although conceived in response to pool safety, Don and Amy have extended their important message of supervision to include malls, public restrooms, cars and homes. The couple believe that with proper supervision most tragic injuries, drownings and even child abductions can be avoided.  

Each year, before summer, the Kryak’s kick off this public awareness crusade with the overwhelming  support of local media and law enforcement agencies. The campaign has now extended beyond their own community with the couple donating their time and educational materials to other  communities and organizations expressing an interest  in their message.  

Don Kryak is a Captain with the Port St. Lucie(FL) Police Department and Amy has an extensive background in  communication, advertising and education. The combination of their talents seem a natural fit for this worthy cause.  
They are proud parents of three children who are also actively involved in the campaign. 
“Don and I  have a true passion in getting this message to as many people as we can reach. We believe we have a purpose to use our expertise in law enforcement, education and communication to help save children’s lives”

– Amy Kryak 

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